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The best time to tweet

Dave Delaney

Photo by petradrHave you ever asked, "What is the best time to tweet?" There are many studies (some better than others) that suggest the best times and days for you to use Twitter. Some studies suggest weekdays over weekends. Some suggest morning over night. Some studies are presented in an easy to read infographic, to entice you to share with your followers. If only you knew what the best time to share it really is.

Here are some simple ways to determine when YOUR followers are online most. The first tip is to stop tweeting and think about it for a moment. Who are your followers? Where are your followers geographically? What do they do for a living?

Tweeting in the middle of the night may not make sense if your followers are all tucked-in counting sheep. Tweeting during lunch may make great sense if that is the time your followers are most likely to be using Twitter. Do they take some down time during their lunch breaks?

Your gut, Tweriod, and Buffer

It is always best to put yourself in the shoes of your followers. Consider when it is likely best to reach them based on where they live and what they do for a living. Follow this up by using a service to see if you are right, you probably are.

Tweriod is a free service you can use to determine when your followers are online most. You give it access to your Twitter profile, and after a little time it will reveal what the best times and days are to reach the most amount of people. It actually measures your followers. Run this yourself to see if your assumptions are correct.

Buffer is one of my favorite services. I use it to schedule some tweets throughout the week. It provides users with analytics, so they can see which tweets are performing best. Buffer provides you with several times it thinks you may get the best response, but there's a secret to perfecting this.

You can give Tweriod access to automatically adjust your Buffer schedule based on the best times it determines. Both service are free, so you should give them a test drive to see what you think.

I have written here before about scheduling tweets. Always be on the look out for replies, retweets, and favorites. Don't schedule something and ignore the response. Be active and ready to reply to the questions and comments you receive.

I use the analogy of a cocktail party when I provide social media training to my clients. Picture yourself standing in a crowded room of people networking. Would you approach a small group and ask them a question, only to walk away as they begin to reply to you? I should hope not.

Be present and ready to reply

The same can be said for communicating on social media. Be present and ready to reply. Always keep this in your mind when you schedule tweets, updates, and posts. It's rude to ask a question and walk away.

The best time of the day to tweet is when your followers are online most. Tweriod can help you determine this, and Buffer can help you remember when to reach the most amount of people at the most opportune times. Remember to go with your gut too. You know your followers better than anyone else.

Photo by petradr.

This article, “The Best Time to Tweet“, originally appeared in The Tennessean newspaper.