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A Must See Twitter Magic Trick!

Dave Delaney

Do you believe in magic? How about magical recommendations of cool people to follow and Twitter hashtags to check out? Sounds magical, right? Okay, maybe not exactly magical, but it's still pretty neat. A few months ago the talented folks at Twitter created an account called MagicRecs. All you have to do is follow it and you will receive occasional recommendations as direct messages. It's a fantastic way to find new people to follow on Twitter.


In the above example, you see that @AnnaWhiteArtist was just followed by a few of my friends. This made me click through to check out Anna White to learn more about her. Her Twitter bio link is to her Etsy store where she creates custom portraits on old book pages. Clever!

Twitter Magic Recs

In this example, I can see friends were tweeting about the IBM Connect Conference (wish I had been at that one). By clicking the link in the tweet, I can see search results of everyone tweeting the #IBMconnect hashtag. Cool, eh?

You can interact with @MagicRecs by sending it custom commands too.

  • “Hi”, “hello”, or “hey” will prompt @MagicRecs to respond with a greeting.
  • “Help” will return a DM list of available actions.
  • “Tweets on/off” to turn on or off recommendations for Tweets it thinks you may find interesting.
  • “Users on/off” will enable or disable @MagicRecs from sending you recommendations of users it thinks you will enjoy following.
  • “Good” tells @MagicRecs that you like the recommendations it’s sending.
  • “Bad” tells @MagicRecs that you do not enjoy your personalized recommendations.

I am surprised to see that only 49,000 of Twitter's 645,750,000 users are following MagicRecs. Are you?